Raised panels and Roman workbenches

I’ve been reading this download from Lost Art Press. Makes an interesting addendum to Mr Schwarz’s other bench books.

Now that I’m working in the garage again I’m certainly realising the limitations of my home built Paul Sellers style bench. Nothing much wrong with the design as English workbenches go, but it was built with very limited tools and some dubious materials. It has performed pretty well considering but it will have to go.

The cutlery box

I’ve been continuing work on the cutlery box which I hope to sell for a modest price to a friend of my wife. The dovetails on the box are all done so I’ve been working on the lid which is a cherry frame with mitred mortise and tenons and a raised walnut panel in the middle.

I’ve been using my Ebay purchase Stanley No 78 rebate plane on the panel. It’s not in the same league as the Veritas rebate plane I’ve used at furniture making school but it gets the jobs done. I did find that having the cross grain cutter in the down position made the plane hard to work and made a deep groove which I now can’t get rid of. I only used it on one side, on the other side I used a cutting gauge to cut the grain and put the cross grain cutter up. This worked way better. I cut the bevel with the little Axminster shoulder plane which works fine despite its very modest price.

A bit more tweaking on the panel and the frame joints and hopefully I can get the lid glued up tomorrow.

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