Planing hook and a nice lunch

I was trying plane the base of the cutlery box flat. It’s laminated from two pieces and the join was a little uneven as laminated joints tend to be, but I was having a lot of trouble with hitting the seem with the plane blade. The board appeared to be flat. I checked the plane several times. I gave the blade a sharpen and set the blade correctly but still no joy. The problem was that the board was bending under the plane because my bench top is a disaster area of non-flatness. Making a new bench is on the agenda but seemed a bit ambitious for this morning so I made a planing hook instead.

Planing hook

OK, so it’s just a thick piece of MDF with two bits of wood screwed to it but it sure made my morning a lot less frustrating. The box base now planed up nicely and I swiftly moved on to lunch.


I hopped on my bicycle and headed for the allotment. Fifteen minutes later I returned with a lettuce and a handful of purple radishes for my lunch (and two courgettes for dinner). I picked some tomatoes from the garden and added cucumber, feta and olives from the fridge.

Back to the wood. I’ve been reluctant to put the box together dry because it’s really hard to get apart again and the front is rather fragile but I took the plunge. I identified a couple of small issues then went to take it to bits again. I’d started with 5 pieces, a front, a back, two sides and a base but ended with 8 as the front broke into 4. Sigh!

I shouldn’t have used the same design as the jewellery box as I knew the front would be fragile until it was glued into place. Anyhow, all the breaks were clean so I glued it back together and will see what it looks like in the morning.

In the meantime I’ve ordered hinges and a lock from Niche Locks.

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